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What does working with me look like?


Wanting couple photos? Here’s what to expect.

(engagements, anniversary, bridals, etc.)


Okay so I’d like to say I do things a little more untraditionally! If you are looking for a photographer to show up, take some posed photos of you for an hour, then leave, I might not be your gal. These couple shoots are some of my favorite things to photograph. That’s because I like to have these shoots be more than just photos, but experiences. I work hard to try and create the best environment possible for you and your love. Want me to capture you two on a multi pitch in Moab? I’ve got you. Want to go on your first backpacking trip ever but have no idea where to even start planning? I’ll be with you every step of the way, and even bring you a jet boil and a tent. Not much of an outdoorsy person and want to do something fun and different? I’ll rent the studio, and style the indoor shoot of your dreams. I care…A LOT

Looking for a wedding photographer? Hell yeah! Read more about my approach:

Similar to my couple shoots, I like to be very hands on and prepared for your wedding day! If you are wanting me to show up as a stranger, pose you smiling with your dress laid out perfectly symmetrical and photoshop out all of your hair’s fly aways, we aren’t going to be the best fit. Let’s go grab coffee beforehand and get to know each other! Let’s run around on your wedding day and get some amazingly intimate shots of you two, even if that means getting your dress/suit/kilt or whatever you choose to wear for your big day, a little dirty. Planning an elopement or intimate wedding? Let me help you find the perfect location and give you all of my videographer and officiant recommendations! I want your day to be about you! Stress free, and focused on your love. The way it should be.



Bare feet, messy hair, achy-stomach laughs, mountain adventures, intimate sunsets. Real. Raw. YOU. That’s what I’m all about.


A little more about my why….

Of course I’m running a business and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want clients to fund my overpriced climbing gym pass, and my car’s terrible gas mileage. But photography is so much more to me than the money, and I hope it is for you too! I’m still learning and growing a long with the rest of you, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Photography for me is an art first, and a job second. If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, we might not be the best fit. I’m looking for clients who appreciate me, and my work, as much as I appreciate them! This is a collaborative experience that I try to gear towards each individual client, and whatever their unique needs might be. Photography is my passion, and seeing people stoked on their pictures makes me the happiest person ever. I think we all thrive in certain environments and I’m learning what places I thrive in most too! I think humans are the coolest things on this earth and I’d love to meet, and collaborate with as many of you as I can. If this little disclaimer is something that gets you as stoked as I am to hear what adventure photography is going to take me on next, then let’s connect!

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