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Hey! Okay first off, I’m so stoked you found me. As you might’ve already guessed I love photography and I love what I do. I’m pretty lucky to have found my passion at such a young age, and am so stoked to see where photography takes me. Whether I’m shooting some creative stuff in the studio, landscapes, or capturing special moments like weddings or seniors, I feel so alive when I’m taking photos. I think theres’ something so special about being able to tell a story through photographs. The people, feelings, landscapes that went along with your shoot is what I like to focus on. If you’re looking for someone to creatively depict your special moment, then I’m your gal. I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas and dreams for shoots, so come say hey and let’s be friends!

A Little More About My Photography.

-I specialize in wedding and couple photography. Capturing people’s love is one of my favorite things in the world.

-I love to get creative in the studio, working with models and brands.

-Yes, I do shoot Seniors! Basically get paid to hang out with friends and have people twirl around in the mountains. Pretty cool.

-I’ve been getting into photo journalism and landscape photography more, and absolutely love it.

-I shoot Film! Discovering this new medium of photography really got me out of a creative rut and has gotten me so inspired for what’s to come next. I’m absolutely dreaming of shooting an all film wedding.

-I thrive on the imperfections. As you’ll notice from my work, those grainy messy blurry photos of you at your most authentic self is what I’d consider my specialty to be. Those details of your hands intertwined with a loved ones, or bare feet sprinting through the sand. Close up portraits with your smile crinkles and hair blowing in your face. This is what I LOVE.

Other Random things

-I have a golden retriever named Riggins. I love dogs and pets in general so if you’re looking to incorporate animals into your shoot I’m all in.

-Born and raised in Utah which means I love skiing, hiking, climbing, and am a mountain girl at heart. We love u Mother Nature! (Anyone down to have their trek up to base camp captured and possibly some bridals at the top?)

-I’m a senior in high school. I go about 20% of the time and am still managing to somehow stay on track to graduate :,,)

-I love love the arts. Going to local concerts and spending hours in painting class are ways I like to spend my time when I’m not taking photos.

-Now that you know a little more about me I’d love to hear your story. Come say hey!

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Photography: @kendalannnne

Personal: @kendalwalker_